Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pak water release makes it worse

From Hindustan Times

 Vighokote (Gujarat), June 25, 2013

India’s border guarding force, the Border Security Force (BSF) has complained about Pakistan releasing water from its elaborate network of canals into the Indian side and flooding large tracts of the Rann of Kutch sector.
“It is a real concern for me. I have to guard the border but the water being released on the other side is affecting whatever we are constructing,” said AK Sinha, the BSF’s inspector general incharge of the Gujarat Frontier. Sinha did not spell out if Pakistan’s move to release the water during the monsoon was intended to create problems for the force. “I can only express my problem.”
The officer said they have had to evacuate border observation posts due to the extensive flooding of the region that not only damages roads but also other installations such as the border fence, electric poles and concrete structures.

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