Monday, September 27, 2010

BDR-BSF end talks

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Dhaka, Sep 23 —The Bangladeshi and Indian border forces have concluded the five-day director general-level conference in Dhaka, that started on Sep 23. 

The top-level conference between Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) and Border Security Force (BSF) took place at Peelkhana headquarters in the capital. 

In a press briefing after the conclusion of the conference on Monday, reporters present there were told that the discussions put emphasis on several issues, including a halt to border killings and injuries, illegal infiltration, narcotics smuggling, erection of any structure within 150 yards of the border and shelter of criminals. 

The conference also discussed on different steps to alleviate issues and aid in mutual cooperation between the two border security forces. 

The conference, however, failed to reach any firm consensus over the issues. 

Speaking to reporters the BDR chief Mohammad Rafiqul Islam said that his side had expressed deep concern over the murders committed by the Indian border security. Bangladesh had strongly implored the BSF to consider the killings and drug smuggling across the border on an emergency basis. 

BSF director general Shri Raman Srivastava said that the BSF had emphasised on their concerns such as printing of fake Indian currency in Bangladesh and the smuggling of women, children and firearms. 

However, commenting of the allegations of BSF killings, the BSF chief told reporters that "almost half of the people die in the border area are Indian. We also have to give explanations to the India people." 

Srivastava questioned what were India's gains by killing a Bangladeshi? He deplored terming the killings as 'murder,' rather the BSF head claimed, those should be called deaths as the BSF did not kill by targeting anyone intentionally. 

The Indian side also proposed the Bangladeshi security forces impose a curfew along the border areas after sunset everyday, Srivastava added. 

The BDR chief, however, said the proposal was not immediately possible to carry out as it was a "decision to be made by the government high-up." 

Both the DGs told reporters that they agreed to augment joint patrols along the border. 

A 22-member BDR delegation, led by director general Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, and a 20-member BSF delegation, led by BSF director general Shri Raman Srivastava, attended the conference. 

The BDR delegation included the deputy director general, director (operation & training), concerned BDR sector commanders, BDR headquarters officials, land record and survey department officials, and Joint River Commission officials. 

The BSF delegation included senior BSF headquarters officials, frontier inspectors general, and home and foreign ministry officials. 

BSF director general Srivastava's wife also accompanied the BSF delegation.

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