Monday, September 27, 2010

Now Pakistani boy could go home to study

From Punjab Newsline
Jagmohan Singh

Monday, 27 September 2010
AMRITSAR: After languishing for eight months in Juvenile jail of Hosiarpur, Nauman Arshad -- the Pakistani schoolboy was ordered to release by the Principal Magistrate of the Juvenile Justice Board at Amritsar, S.S. Mann, on Saturday, said advoate V.P Singh Bahtia.

It was the same Nauman Arshad who was described teenager potential suicide bomber by the BSF (Indian Border Security Force) on January 14 this year, when BSF DIG (Deputy Inspector General) Mohammad Aquil during the press conference stated that Nauman infiltarted Indian territory with the intention to eye on the activities of BSF and other security arrangements on Indian border particularly search lights which worked during night to prevent infiltration.

Aquil had also described potential suicide bomber by stating that Arshad confessed the he went through various kind of serious and sensitive kind of trainings at different training centers in Pakistan where he learnt use of suicide bomber jacket, use of bombs, pistols, missiles, rockets and other sophisticated mass killing weapons.

Arshad also attained training from Peshawar based militant training camp where notorious terrorist Ajmal Kasab was trained who was arrested in Mumbai terror attack in India, as DIG stated to media at the time of arrest of Nauman Arshad.

However, Advocate V.P. Singh Bhatia for Nauman Arshad said that BSF admitted in the court that Nauman Arshad had arrived India inadvertantly and never clamined that he was a teenager terrorist.

Nauman, who was 14 years old at the time, when accidentally crossed over to Indian on Janury 12 this year whereupon d subjected to "sustained interrogation," following which he was made to to confess as Paksitani terrorit.

However, the juvenile court disposed off the January 14, FIR on Friday evening, the orders were dictated only on Saturday morning. Accepting the documents placed before it, the court passed down the release orders and issued warning to Nauman who was booked under Section 3 of the Indian Passport Act.

Appearing on behalf of the schoolboy who was detained at the Juvenile Home in Hoshiarpur district, advocate V.P. Singh Bhatia, had pleaded that the BSF and the police could not effect any recoveries from Numan.

The court accepted that Nauman’s entry into India without valid documents was accidental, said Bhaita.

Bhatia said that the matter was now with the Governments of India and Pakistan and hoped that Nauman's repatriation would be matured at the earliest possible period

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